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Effective Eczema Remedies to Get Rid of This Skin Condition

Author: Sandra White K Eczema: A Survival Guide For The Average Sufferer, By The Average Sufferer

The skin is very important because it serves many functions such as protecting the body from foreign substances especially microorganisms that can cause infections and diseases. Additionally, the skin is an organ that is exposed to the environments and can be seen by others so we want them to be soft and smooth. The skin also has disorders and one of the most common eczema. This condition occurs when the skin cells called keratinocytes becomes loosely held together. This makes the skin very sensitive and easily affected by irritants and microorganisms. The skin loses ability to ward off unwanted substances. Since the cells are not tightly packed, the skin also loses fluids. When the patch of affected skin is just small, this may not be a problem but this should be treated at once because when a larger area is affected, you may lose large amounts of body fluid and this may dehydrate your body. Numerous treatments are available everywhere but you should be careful in selecting the eczema remedies that actually work. The others may not be effective and may even worsen your problem. Some people who want to treat eczema immediately just buy over-the-counter products with consulting their dermatologist. This is not right because you have to know what your skin problem really is. You also have to know if the cream or gel contains substances that you are allergic to. Eczema remedies that actually work may be present in your kitchen. Some recommend eating or applying yogurt because they contain good bacteria that protects the affected skin from bacterial infection and soothes skin inflammation. Chamomile is one of those eczema remedies that actually work because its antibacterial and calming properties alleviate the discomfort caused by eczema. Do you want to discover wonderful techniques you can use to naturally treat your eczema? If you answered; YES, then I recommend that you get a copy of the "Beat Eczema" Guide! Click on this link ==> Beat Eczema, to read more about this natural eczema cure system and see how its been helping thousands of eczema-sufferers round the world, to naturally treat their skin condition.

Understanding Childhood Eczema

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Ovarian Cyst Care Guide Review-Natural Relief Method by Kimberly Barnwell

Author: Justine Blake V

Pain from Ovarian Cysts Pain from ovarian cysts can happen for many different reasons. The pain can differ from dull constant pain to moderate to severe sharp, or piercing pain. If a cyst reaches 10 centimeters it may be putting pressure on other areas from the body for example organs. This may hurt whenever you bend, lift a heavy object, or reach up high to have an object. Sometimes the pain sensation may hinder your day to day activities if it is constant. You may even feel pain during and after intercourse, during strenuous exercise, or during urination or going number 2.

Ruptured Ovarian Cyst Pain can also occur from a ruptured cyst. Sometimes this pain is severe. Cysts exist in nearly all women, a lot of which not have any idea they are there. They often disappear after 2 to 3 menstrual cycles, but sometimes the cyst can rupture within that time. If a cyst does rupture, it can cause moderate to severe pain, usually sharp or piercing, in the lower abdomen. Your lower abdomen can become tender or sensitive after the rupture.

In cases which are more serious the rupture causes internal bleeding or hemorrhaging. A ruptured cyst can also cause a serious condition called dysmenorrhrea, which is severe pain within the uterus during a menstrual period accompanied by heavy menstrual bleeding. In extraordinary instances of dysmenorrhrea nausea, vomiting and weakness can happen. If you are feeling any of this, seek immediate medical help. If you believe you might have a ruptured ovarian cyst visit your doctor as soon as possible for diagnosis.

Management of Ovarian Cyst Pain The size and placement of the cysts determine the quantity of pain felt while they are present. Doctors may prescribe pain medication to help relieve your discomfort, beginning with a stronger medication, followed by a lower dose medication for example acetaminophen or ibuprofen.

Treatment of a ruptured cyst that has been detected early enough range from antibiotics or surgery to remove the "spillage" in the ruptured cyst, essential in preventing peritonitis. Cysts typically will disappear after 2 to 3 menstrual cycles. However, some may stay and keep growing. This may create a surgery to remove the cyst. See Ovarian Cyst Surgery on my website.

Holistic Healing from Cysts I've learned of a unique holistic treatment that healed me 100% of my cyst problems. So, alternatives that actually work for many women can be found. These mostly involve lifestyle and diet changes to improve not only problems with cysts, but improve overall health too. The machine can work in as little as two months, therefore it is definitely worth being familiar with.

Now, let's discuss about Ovarian Cyst Care Guide from Kimberly Barnwell and just how it may help you. I really hope this short Ovarian Cyst Care Guide Review will assist you to differentiate whether Ovarian Cyst Care Guide is Scam or a Genuine.

What's promising for you personally today is the fact that in only minutes from you now will have complete use of a brand new, breakthrough guide that walks you thru steps that totally eliminates the pain sensation and agony you are feeling for good. It doesn't matter what you've been told previously, healing your ovarian cysts can be achieved in your own….as well as in an all natural way WITHOUT undergoing expensive and dangerous surgery. The Ovarian Cyst Care Guide is unlike other things ever invented or made for reliving and totally eliminating ovarian cysts permanently. The thing is, how ovarian cysts pain can rob you of the a feeling of happiness, the way it can rob you of the things that you want to do, the way it can rob you of the a feeling of purpose in everyday life. But when you agree The Ovarian Cyst Care Guide, you'll Never suffer from or struggle with the pain sensation and agony that comes with struggling with ovarian cysts.

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If you are still wondering, you might want to check out Ovarian Cyst Care Guide Review to learn more about the product in addition to Kimberly Barnwell reputation. Find all of the answers on my Ovarian Cyst Care Guide Review site now!

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Finest Natural Fish Oil - 3 Simple Ways to Find the Very Finest Fish Oil Supplement

Author: Peter K. Jones Botanic Choice Super Fish Oil (formerly Super EPA)

If you are looking for the finest natural fish oil then you are going to want to read this article. I'm going to reveal three simple steps you can take to put the quality of any omega 3 supplement to the test.

These three quality tests you need to check for are the purity of the oil, the content of omega three fatty acids and last but not least the anti inflammatory properties of the oil.

You can use these three criteria to determine the quality of any fish oil, as well as to find yourself the very finest natural fish oil.

Here's how you can do it…

Purity Test – The best oils are those that are free of contaminants like mercury and PCB'S. Unfortunately many companies use oil that is sourced from fish that live in heavily contaminated waters.

The finest natural fish oil is sourced from fish found in pure oceans like the Southern Ocean. The cleaner the water, the less contaminants the fish oil will contain. Therefore it's a good idea to always check where the oil used in your omega 3 supplement came from.

Content of Omega 3 – For a fish oil supplement to be effective it needs to contain a high content of omega 3 fatty acids. There are three types of essential fatty acids; DHA, EPA and ALA. The most important and the one you should look for in any fish oil supplement you decide to get is DHA.

The more DHA, an omega three supplement has the more health benefits it will provide your health.

Anti Inflammatory Properties –Last but not least, lookout for the anti-inflammatory properties of the oil. Also keep an eye for any studies conducted that prove these properties.

Keep away from any companies that don't have any proven studies to back up their claims. Chances are that any company that doesnt have any clinical studies published publicly, then the company has not conducted any research or tests on thier supplements.

In conclusion, the finest natural fish oil will:

  1. Contain oil sourced from fish found in uncontaminated waters.

  2. Have a high content of omega 3 fatty acids, especially DHA.

  3. Always have really high anti-inflammatory properties.

You can use the above criteria to find the finest natural fish supplements.

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If you're interested in learning more about the benefits of taking fish oil supplements, visit my website below where I share the best omega 3 fish oil products. Peter K. Jones is a dedicated researcher of health, diet and quality nutritional supplements. Visit his website now at to discover the powerful benefits of omega-3 fish oils.

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Heartburn and Acid Reflux Diet: Are These Foods Your Natural Remedies?

Author: Daniel Agbetorwoka

Acid reflux and heartburn affects all age groups. These conditions can be severe and debilitating for sufferers. And they can cause severe damage to your health if not treated. Sadly, treatments of these conditions are not always straight forward. This is because of the varying lifestyles of the sufferers.

Though there are a number of treatments available such as antacids they are only effective in the short term, to temporarily neutralise the acid in your stomach. Antacids and other medications do not provide permanent cure of heartburn or acid reflux.

But there is a long term cure. Before discussing the various ways of curing these conditions, it is important first you understand what cause these conditions. Simply, after swallowing your food, it passes through this tube called the oesophagus. This tube opens into your stomach and there is a valve at end of the oesophagus, called esophageal sphincter. The function of the valve is to stop the contents of your stomach spilling upwards into the oesophagus.

But some people have damaged esophageal sphincters. When this happens the valve is no longer able to close fully. This can lead to acidic contents of gas and food refluxing upwards into the oesophagus. This is known as acid reflux. When there is a reflux, the acid contents or gases irritate the lining of the oesophagus, which is quite delicate compared to the lining in your stomach. When this happens, you feel a burning sensation in your chest, which is known as heartburn.

So how can you stop and cure your heartburn and acid reflux? We are going to discuss the importance of certain diets which could cure of your condition. Let's get started.

Pro-biotic Foods

These foods contain microbes which produces enzymes. Enzymes can neutralise the level of acidity in your stomach. These enzymes include protease, diastase, amylase and cellulose. These enzymes help speed up the rate of your digestion, preventing the build up of acidic contents which could put pressure on your lower oesophageal sphincter. Apple Cider vinegar can be effective for neutralising the acidity in your stomach. But if your heartburn and acid reflux is caused by excessive production of acid in your stomach, then Apple Cider Vinegar may not be appropriate for you.


This is called an amino acid. In case you are not aware of what amino acids are, they are digestive acids. They are an important for the nutrition for the cells in your stomach. Also they help to promote most digestive functions. Fish, chicken, eggs and red meats like beef and pork are all rich in glutamine. Vegetables such as soya beans, beans and cabbages are also rich in glutamine.

Low Carbohydrate Content Foods

Foods rich in carbohydrates are also sources for fats. Generally fatty foods can be acidic in nature. When you suffer from heartburn and acid reflux, your ultimate goal is to maintain balance of acidity and alkalinity of your stomach contents. Low carbohydrate diets can help you to achieve this balance.

You want to include low-carbohydrate foods into your diet, which would be high on protein so that your muscle doesn't lose strength. Your food intake should therefore diet include fresh vegetables, lean meat, white meat such as chicken, eggs, fish and whole grains including brown bread.

To conclude, if you suffer from Heartburn or Acid Reflux it is worth you bear in mind that effective cure can only be achieved on the modification of your lifestyle and diet. It is therefore important that you examine and decide on what types of foods can help reduce or stop your pain.

How to Stop Heartburn: Simple Ways to Heal Heartburn and Acid Reflux

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How Desperate Are You To Cure Your Heartburn And Acid Reflux Problems?

Daniel Agbetorwoka has written extensively on acid reflux and heartburn. You can access his writings here which are full of tips and advice on how you can overcome these problems.


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Natural Physician''s Healing Therapies: Proven Remedies That Medical Doctors Don''t Know

Natural Remedies For ADHD and Their Benefits

Author: Diana Ketchen

Many do not realize it, but there are several natural remedies for ADHD. ADHD stands for "Attention-Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder". This is considered to be a neurological based developmental disorder that is behavioral. While there are many prescription medications available that are deemed appropriate in subduing the symptoms of this particular medical condition, more and more people are starting to have an inclination towards ADHD natural remedies. In this article, you will learn about the symptoms associated with this condition, as well as some solutions to resolving those symptoms naturally.

The Symptoms of ADHD

The symptoms of ADHD are the most troubling aspect of the condition, not only for the individual that suffers, but for those who are around the individual on a regular basis. The symptoms may or may not result in complications in the patient's dealings with work, educational pursuits, social life, and personal relationships. The following represents some of the troubling occurrences in the life of the ADHD patient:

  • The patient may appear and/or feel distracted and unable to concentrate on just one thing.
  • It is common to observe the patient acting in ways that are deemed impulsive by the standards which most define as the "norm".
  • The individual may appear extremely hyper, and may appear as if they have a challenging time staying in one place and/or position for an extended amount of time.
  • You may find that the ADHD sufferer gets little to no sleep that is considered appropriate to maintain a decent level of health.
  • This person may often start projects, with the best intentions to complete them, but fails to complete them because of the fact that they are unable to focus as they should.
  • It may appear as if the patient has a high level of anxiety, which could induce extreme levels of stress, irritability, frustration, and may bring on panic attacks.
  • It is common to observe the patient of this condition day dreaming, and simply being inattentive on the whole.

Natural Remedies for ADHD

There are many herb based ADHD natural remedies used in conjunction with other types of therapy. It has been found that herbs that carry the effect of a stimulant are the most effective natural remedies for ADHD. These particular substances actually work to enhance the state of alertness that a sufferer has. The following list documents some of the most favored herbs for treating this condition:

1. Ginkgo - If a patient indulges in this particular treatment, it has been discovered that the natural blood flow that delivers this important substance to the brain is increased. It is not recommended for ADHD patients that are under the age of eighteen. However, for adults, it has been found to be a wonderful solution to soothing the symptoms associated with this condition. Individuals who consume this herb have been found to have better focus, a more appropriate retention level, and a higher intelligence.

2. Melatonin - Melatonin is a hormone that is naturally produced by the body. It has many different functions. One of the main functions is that it helps to regulate our sleep/wake cycle. During the daytime hours, the average person's melatonin levels decrease. In the evening hours, the pineal gland begins to produce more melatonin to produce the body for sleep. This substance is now sold over-the-counter and can be given as one of the ADHD natural remedies to induce relaxation and sleep.

3. Rosemary - If you are looking for natural remedies for ADHD that will assist in maintaining focus, concentration, and recalling events with ease, then Rosemary is considered to be appropriate. You may ingest this particular herb by mixing it with food, or creating a tea from it. Many may even incorporate essential oils into their natural ADHD treatment in order to reap the benefits of this particular herb.


There are a large number of natural remedies for ADHD. Many individuals extend past the herbs and consider complete lifestyle changes. These changes may include setting schedules for waking, working, activities, and sleeping. In some cases, a change to the diet may be required in order to reduce the amount of sugar and caffeine is ingested on a regular basis. Many may incorporate an exercise program in order to cope with the symptoms. Then, there are some who may go forth with techniques, like behavioral modification therapy. When choosing among natural remedies for ADHD, it is important to choose a treatment that works for you, and is considered safe and effective.

About the Author:

Diana is a Natural Health Consultant and is taking classes to earn a certificate in herbalism. Her website, Natural Health and Herbal Remedies, offers the knowledge, insights and experiences she has gained from her journey into the world of natural health and her quest to share it with others.

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A Homeopathic Handbook of Natural Remedies

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Remedies For Excessive Sweating

Author: Andrew Jamaz
Despite the fact that we all sweat naturally especially in very warm, badly ventilated rooms, or when working out, excessive sweating is a valid health problem known as hyperhidrosis. People who suffer from hyperhidrosis normally report profuse sweating of the armpits, hands and feet, although it isn't uncommon to have abnormal sweating of the groin, back, scalp and pretty much any other places where there are numerous sweat glands. There's even one kind of excessive sweating that only occurs at night, called sleep hyperhidrosis. It doesn't matter where the excessive sweating occurs because all variations cause issues for the sufferer such as their sweaty hands causing accidents, social problems with handshakes or armpit stains. Unfortunately, in addition to the problem with sweating, thereis also the concern of having bad body odor if the sweat isn't often washed away. Before seeking treatment of hyper-hidrosis, it's necessary to know how sweat glands are controlled normally. In people without abnormal sweating problems, the sweat glands are regulated by the central nervous system... specifically the sympathetic nervous system. Humans have hardly any control over the actions of the sympathetic nervous system. It's the part that regulates our heart-beat, our breathing, our gut movement and many other body functions we're unaware of.. unless something stops working properly. People who have normal sweat patterns can see how the sympathetic nervous system activates sweating by noticing how much additional sweat is produced simply by being nervous. It may just be an inconvenience to people with normal sweat patterns, but to a hyperhidrosis sufferer, that is the "usual" activity level of their sweat glands! The regulation of sweating goes wrong in sufferers of hyperhidrosis. Scientists know the cause is over-active nerves leading to the sweat glands, because anti-cholinergic drugs, injections of botox, or surgery to sever the nerve leading to the sweat glands will stop the sweating. Those are three of the more dramatic ways to deal with hyperhidrosis. Simpler solutions for excessive sweating are mental relaxation techniques, not drinking caffeinated drinks, using strong antiperspirants such as those with aluminium chloride and avoiding spicy foods. Some people believe that sage tea and zinc may decrease sweating. Usually most people who have abnormal sweating will go for cheap, natural solutions, and if they don't work will consider the more expensive treatments. Some of the most dramatic treatments (surgery and drugs) can have side-effects, so check with a doctor before taking any action regarding abnormal sweating.
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For more information on treating hyperhidrosis, please visit the stop excessive sweating blog

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Women’s Midlife Support Formula™

3 Tips For Choosing Natural Menopause Remedies

Author: Candice Jones-Hughes

Many women want to use natural menopause remedies but may not know where to start or which remedies to use. There can be big differences in philosophy between linear science-based modern medicine and more holistic philosophies such as TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) or Ayurvedic medicine. Understanding these differences will make it easier to choose specific natural menopause remedies.

There are also many modalities to choose from. The most basic approaches will have the most effective long-term impact on your health. For example, eating healthy and getting enough exercise will support your health in multiple areas and increase your life and your ability to enjoy it.

Using herbs or vitamin supplements to correct problems will be way less effective if you are not eating right. For example, I have had digestive issues since peri-menopause. I use the herbs gentian and ginger to help with indigestion and heartburn. But if I continue to eat foods that I am now more sensitive to like wheat, I will further damage my digestive system and the herbs will be a band-aid, at best. If I change my diet and use the herbs to support my digestive system while it is healing, I will impact my health in a positive way.

This is very different from what we are taught through modern medicine. Every problem has a drug you can take. Does it cure you or heal you? Mostly no. It masks the symptom. Hypertension medication does not lower your blood pressure in a healthy way - that's why you have to keep taking it. But losing ten pounds can lower your blood pressure long-term by correcting the problem.

Tip #1 for Choosing Natural Menopause Remedies - Understand the Difference between Modern Medicine and Holistic Medicine

Modern medicine

Modern medicine generally offers quick relief, although there is usually a cost. For example many medications for high blood pressure have serious side effects. Many people are used to this approach, so they think the cost is inevitable. It's easy, it doesn't take any discipline. Most people come to alternative approaches either because modern medicine failed them completely, or the cost became too great.

Holistic medicine

Herbs and supplements may be more subtle and take longer to notice than pharmaceuticals. This is not always true, however. I remember someone telling me they chose an antidepressant medication over an herb like St. John's wort because they wanted fast relief. St. John's wort and antidepressant medications take a similar amount of time to work, and St. John's wort may have less side effects.

That brings up another point that many people miss when they start using herbs or vitamins. St. John's wort is not a general all-purpose remedy for people with depression. It is useful for very specific conditions, and not for others. So just because your friend, or someone in a health forum says they received fantastic benefits from taking St. John's wort doesn't mean it will work for you. It doesn't even mean you should run out and get some to try - not without doing your research first. There may be contraindications you should know about.

Tip # 2 - Get to Know Your Body

The better you understand your body the better you will be able to care for it. We each have unique physiologies and life circumstances. Choosing good natural menopause remedies is easier when you have an understanding of how your particular body works..

For example, "The Family Guide to Homeopathy" by Dr. Andrew Lockie, lists six different remedies for hot flashes. Each remedy has a different symptom picture. You choose the remedy by matching your symptom picture with the matching remedy. For example Lachesis, 30c has this symptom picture: "Hot flashes, sweating, constricted feeling around abdomen, headache upon waking, dizziness, flooding during periods, great talkativeness." Kali carb. 30c has this picture: "Hot flashes, loss of appetite, backache, feeling very taut and nervous, palpitations, symptoms worse around 3am." (Lockie) If neither of these pictures matches your symptoms, you have four other remedies to choose from.

Ayurvedic medicine distinguishes three metabolic principles, or doshas, Kapha, Pitta and Vata. These principles affect your physiology in different ways, and you can be out of balance which will affect your health. You can change the amount of kapha, pitta or vata influence you are under with diet and other factors. The Western tradition has it's constitutional types - phlegmatic, choleric, sanguine and melancholic. Each type has different characteristics, and some herbalists and other holistic practitioners will use remedies that are best suited for your particular type. Understanding your body will also help you choose between several different herbs to help you sleep or which herbs may help with hot flashes.

One way to become more aware of your body is to keep a journal. You can include the food you ate that day with your moods and any other health issues you want to keep track of. If you have issues you've been putting up with for awhile, like mild back pain or postnasal drip, you may forget to note them at first.

With some practice you will begin to notice more and more about your body. When I first started working with herbs, I used to get several colds each year. I knew I had a cold when my nose started running or my throat was sore and scratchy. After awhile I got so that I would know at the very beginning of the cold, and then I could tell I was going to be sick before there were any of these symptoms. I usually got really tired right before the symptoms would break out. I now take a supplement when I know I'm getting sick and I can almost always avoid the cold completely.

Tip #3 - Seek Out Alternative Practitioners

One way to learn about natural menopause remedies is to work with a practitioner. I like to work with people with both M.D. training and some form of alternative medicine training. That way I know that any serious medical conditions will be diagnosed and treated along with any natural approaches, by someone trained in both systems. I have worked with doctors who are homeopaths, doctors who are also nutritional experts, and I currently work with a doctor trained in anthroposophical medicine.

With a little practice and self-education, you can learn to choose the best natural menopause remedies for your situation, and benefit from the health supportive approaches used in natural medicine.

About the Author:
Candice Hughes attended the Pacific School of Herbal Medicine. For info on finding practitioners and licensing, see Natural Menopause Remedies For info on using herbs, see Herbs for Menopause

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